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I am a REALTOR and have been since May 2005. I work mainly by referral. That means if my clients are happy then they recommend me. That decision has worked out well for my clients, and also for me. I believe in providing a level of service that gets me recommended.
Prior to Real Estate, I was a commercial insurance agent for 5 years, starting with Erie Insurance and ending with Nationwide Insurance. Part of what I loved about being an insurance agent is helping people protect their assets and livelihood. That’s also a big part of why I love being a REALTOR. Additionally, the training I received as an insurance agent really helps me in Real Estate. I know what to look for in distressed homes, how to find problems that have been covered up and have a good handle on what it costs to repair a home.
Before I went into insurance, I spent 5 years as a Loan Officer. That skill set is a huge benefit to my clients. I know mortgages inside and out, and have a firm understanding of how bond markets affect rates, the best loan programs for my clients and know how to tell if you’re paying too much in closing costs. Probably the most helpful skill I learned in my career as a Loan Officer was how to help people budget.
I am married with a 9 year old son. We are a very close knit family, and part of that has to do with my son Raymond’s challenges. He has autism and dyspraxia, so I spend time taking him to school, therapy and doing in-home therapies to help him grow and develop. My wife works as well, so we take turns helping him so we can each maintain our careers. I also have a few hobbies. I write a real estate blog, which is on this site. I also write an autism blog about my son. You can read that at http://www.raynelsonrealtor.wordpress.com. I have also organized a play group for kids with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. That came about mainly because I felt that kids on the autism spectrum should have the same opportunities to make friends as kids who are neurotypical. If you are interested in that or know someone who is has a child and wants to participate please send me an email. We are up to 50 families! Additionally, I play drums in a rock band called The Tin Foil Five, and you can check us out on Facebook if you are interested. I love fine dining, wine tasting, beer tasting and spending time with good friends.

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address510 Princess Anne St Suite 201
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

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Nest Realty
510 Princess Anne St #201
Fredericksburg VA 22401



You couldn’t ask for a better Realtor than Ray. He took the time to meet with us and get our requirements, once he had those he pulled the listings and off we went looking at houses. When we had found the perfect place for us he helped us navigate all the… (more)

5sean mason

Ray’s expertise made finding a home a comfortable experience. He has the knowledge every home buyer is looking to gain. He knows the schools, the history, and can lead buyers to the right property. He did a great job negotiating price and worked hard to… (more)


Ray Nelson worked tirelessly for 9 months to get me into my home. The short sale process was very long and tedious, as there were several other issues that that needed to be taken care of as well, but he stayed with it and kept me informed of what was going… (more)

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